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As wide a choice as we can offer here (axio.fotomerchant.com) we are confined to the options our hosting service (fotomerchant.com) has set-up and embedded in its system for us to use. We have not selected all the options available to us from our host here nor does our host offer every option clients may need. Therefore we encourage interested parties to contact us direct if their requirements are not shown. We are able to supply, depending upon the characteristics of our original image, most file variants (format, size, colour profile, etc.) as well as render using our software to suit specific requirements. In some instances we may agree to supply a copy of the original RAW format image (some of our older images are not available in RAW).


Within this site is a range of digital downloads and print options reflecting the most common requirements. Please do contact us if your requirement is not shown in this website - just because it is not shown does not mean it's not available!

PRICES-images page.


Defining costs associated with taking professional photos/photography sessions is like defining the length of a piece of string, or rather elastic - there are just so many variables both on the customer's side and the photographer's. However, on our "prices-photography" page we have tried to indicate our fees.

PRICES-photography page.


To try and reflect volume purchases we have embedded volume discounts into the shopping cart's automatic features. If you wish to purchase significantly past the embedded discounts structure please contact us before you buy (altering discounts cannot be retrospective to you tapping/clicking the final purchase button in the shopping cart!).

Your cart should show 5% discount for quantities of 5-9 and 10% for 10+. Again please let us know before you commit to purchase if this is not shown (altering discounts cannot be retrospective to you tapping/clicking the final purchase button in the shopping cart!).


We don't offer discounts on prices shown, rather we will upon request issue you with a written costed proposal against your photography wish list.

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